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DL-6000 mini Diode laser for Hair Removal The DL-6000 mini diode laser for hair removal is an unprecedented novelty for connoisseurs of aesthetics of small shapes and comfort. The equipment, wrapped in a compact body, has not...

13 750 EUR

RECORD-SHORT PULSE 20 J IN 25 MS The energy is transferred in a very short time, which guarantees a safe and painless hair removal. EXTENDED WARRANTY PERIOD 24 months warranty for the device and handpiece without...

18 925 EUR

DL-8000 Diode Hair Removal Laser DL-8000 Diode Hair Removal Laser innovative device for advanced and safe removal of unwanted hair. Diode Laser Hair Removal is the safest and fastest at present. It adopts Gold standard 808 nm...

16 610 EUR

DLS-980 Diode Laser Spider Vein Removal Machine is a modern, professional equipment for beautyrooms, clinics, centers of laser medicine. Nowadays, there is no more effective option for eliminating the spider veins with a...

5 875 EUR

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Минимальная длина строки для поиска 3 символа!

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Максимальная длина строки для поиска 64 символа!