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T-17 Hydrodermabrasion Machine - Triple Impact on Skin Defects The T-17 Hydrodermabrasion Machine is a unique novelty in the field of aesthetic cosmetology. The advanced equipment combines three techniques providing...

1 090 EUR

Т-21 Non Invasive Carboxy Therapy Machine is a worthy alternative to injections of beauty and youth Т-21 Non Invasive Carboxy Therapy Machine is the latest development, which development continues the series of already...

460 EUR

Ultrasonic Cavitation machine Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment is the innovative body slimming and shaping treatment. Fatty cells are degraded under the influence of ultrasonic waves. After breakdown of adipose...

1 310 EUR

The prototype of modern carboxytherapy is carbon dioxide baths, which have long been used to treat circulatory, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous and skin diseases. In cosmetology, exposure to carbon dioxide is used for...

820 EUR

T-18 Electrocautery and Electrolysis beauty machine is produced by the Czech company ALVI PRAGUE. It combines modern design, metal steel case, simplicity of operation and attractive price. Electrocautery in the...

685 EUR

Advanced ultrasonic therapy using professional beauty equipment allows to provide effective physical-and-chemical, mechanical and thermal effects on the face, neck, and décolleté skin in order to eliminate...

475 EUR

High Frequency therapy is a unique treatment that could be used individually or combined with other aesthetic treatments. The standard kit includes: ergonomic handle with dielectric coating 10...

315 EUR

T-09 skin brushing machine is ideal for facial brushing It's ideal for sloughing dead cells and removing the dirt that clings to your skin surface. T-09 Skin Brushing Machine is a professional device, usually used to brush...

275 EUR

The LED Light therapy is an effective method of aesthetic treatment that is wildly used in cosmetology. LED light therapy helps to get rid of different skin blemishes such as: enlarged pores, pitted acne scars skin...

420 EUR

 T-06 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine What is Diamond Peeling? Diamond Peeling is the removal of dead skin with the aid of specially designed tips coated with Diamond particles. Diamond Peeling removes the upper...

430 EUR

Contrast thermal stimulation with cold and hot is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective and safe methods of healing, smoothing, relieving irritation and improving skin elasticity on the face and body. Company Alvi...

420 EUR

Galvanic aesthetic therapy is based on the influence of constant electric current of low intensity (0.1-6.5 mA) on skin tissues for stimulation of natural regeneration process and enhancing of cell permeability (electroporation)...

420 EUR

Electrocoagulation is one of the most popular and safe method to remove neoplasm that appear on the skin surface. Such way of treatment allows removing neoplasm and coagulating blood vessels at the same time. There are no scars...

380 EUR

Vacuum-roller massage combines both aesthetic and therapeutic effect, which influences on body and skin tissues. This aesthetic treatment helps to solve different problems such as cellulite on the areas of thigh and buttons. Also...

480 EUR

Innovative T-14 Radiofrequency Machine efficiently copes with the most difficult aesthetic problem such as non-invasive skin rejuvenation and skin health improvement with long-lasting effect (up to 2 years). Due to its...

660 EUR

Needle-Free Mesotherapy is an advanced technique, which combines electroporation and electrophoresis; in this way, the active substances penetrate the skin and are absorbed deeply, achieving amazing results. It is a great...

445 EUR

Microcurrent therapy is one of the widely used in aesthetic cosmetology. Microcurrent therapy is based on the influence of low-level current used to activate the anti-aging properties of the skin. There are a lot of types of...

565 EUR

Our T-02 Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber recommended itself as efficient, safe and non-invasive beauty machine for soft skin peeling with a help of high frequency ultrasonic waves  (27-28 kHz)....

440 EUR

Our Monofunctional T-series of the machines is designed in luxury silver case.

The key feature of the T-series is the possibility to combine any of these devices in one ergonomic multifunctional unit when our clients choose functions that they need.

If you are not completely determined which beauty machine you want to have in your salon and what treatments will be popular among your clients, start with one function. You can combine your own multifunctional machine from these beautiful and ergonomic monofunctional units by Alvi Prague.

 A wide variety of monofunctional devices is available only at Alvi Prague. Here, you can choose the best devices for different impact spectrums:

  • Ultrasonic therapy,
  • Skin scrubber,
  • Diamond dermabrasion,
  • Microcurrent therapy,
  • Galvanic therapy,
  • RF-lifting,
  • Electroporation,
  • High- frequency,
  • LED-light therapy,
  • Electrocautery,
  • Brushing,
  • Vacuum-roller massage,
  • Electrolysis

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