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Carbon Gel

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment

Carbon peeling is an advanced method of laser treatment and rejuvenation of the skin, based on the use of a special carbon reinforcer. The role of the carbon-fiber enhancer is performed by the cream, which contains carbon dioxide nanoparticles. In combination with the laser, which treats the skin on top of the gel, it speeds up the process of rejection of keratinized cells and allows you to clean the skin from dirt. Due to the effect of short laser pulses, the deep layers of the skin are heated, which enhances the synthesis of collagen fibers, restores metabolic processes and destroys pathogenic microflora (has a bactericidal effect).

Volume - 300 ml

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Минимальная длина строки для поиска 3 символа!

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Максимальная длина строки для поиска 64 символа!