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DL-6000 mini Diode laser for Hair Removal

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  • Country: Czech Republic
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DL-6000 mini Diode laser for Hair Removal

The DL-6000 mini diode laser for hair removal is an unprecedented novelty for connoisseurs of aesthetics of small shapes and comfort. The equipment, wrapped in a compact body, has not lost its power and efficiency. Its technical characteristics are identical to the flagship DL-6000 diode laser and offer perfect epilation results.

The diode laser was created taking into account the requirements of practitioners and wishes of their clients. The innovative machine is equipped with an intelligent control system that allows you to carry out the hair removal procedure in 1 click. The aesthetic device creates light energy with a wavelength of 808 nm, the pulses and density of which can be easily adjusted to suit the individual characteristics and problems of each client.

Mini diode laser - a small generator of great opportunities for your business! Its light emitter is rated for 10,000,000 pulses, which will keep your beauty salon running smoothly for years to come. The price of the mini diode laser is lower compared to the flagship model DL-6000, which means that the equipment will pay off faster and bring a stable income.

What is DL-6000 mini Diode Laser Hair Removal?

It is a novelty in the field of professional equipment for beauty salons and aesthetic cosmetology clinics. The new diode laser was created in the best traditions of our brand and is designed for safe, painless and maximum effective removal of unwanted hair. The laser device has a compact size and light weight - it is a kind of mini version of the popular DL-6000 diode laser. We have completely saved its output power and technical characteristics. The use of a "small" diode laser allows for laser hair removal on any problem areas of the body and face - regardless of the client's skin phototype.

How does the mini diode laser work?

The principle of operation of the device is based on the phenomenon of selective photothermolysis - selective destruction of hair melanin under the action of high temperatures of laser light energy. By absorbing it, melanin is destroyed, triggering the destructive process of nearby cells of the hair growth zone. As a result of the use of a diode laser, the hair follicle dies, and the vessels supplying it coagulate, which makes it possible to obtain a long-term absence of hair growth.

Mini diode laser efficiency

The diode laser effectively removes unwanted hair growing on the skin of I - VI phototype according to Fitzpatrick's scale. For a successful procedure, several important points must be considered.

• The brighter the contrast between skin color and hair color, the more effective the epilation: dark hair is ideally removed on light skin, and vice versa - getting rid of light hair on dark skin is quite difficult, and often almost impossible.

• It is impossible to remove completely melanin-free hair (gray).

• The light energy of the laser destroys the growth zone of the hair, which is in the stage of active growth.

The course of laser hair removal procedures will help to level the costs of the last moment - the treatment is carried out 1 time in 4-6 weeks until the desired effect is obtained.

Indications to laser hair removal

• Dark, coarse, or abundantly growing hair.

• Hair in folds of skin and other hard-to-reach places for depilation.

• Unsatisfactory results or side effects after depilation.

• Ingrown hair.

• Folliculitis.

Features of mini diode laser hair removal machine

The mini diode laser weighs only 40 kg, has a modern ergonomic design and is very compact. The beauty machine takes up a minimum of space and can be easily placed on any work surface, for example, on a beauty trolley.

The diode laser is fully equipped (handpiece, goggles, fuses, etc.) and is ready for use. The equipment is capable of operating in Continuous Pulsing Mode (HRM) or Pulsing Adequately for a Time Period (HRS). Its operation is easy to control using a friendly interface with programmed and manual settings.

To buy a diode laser means to have at your disposal well-thought-out and very relevant equipment for a beauty salon. We will teach you the principles of its work for free and answer all your questions. The device comes with a detailed user manual, as well as a USB flash drive with a manual for the procedures.

Benefits of the mini diode laser

• Increased power of the laser emitter - 600 W.

• High density of light energy at the point of impact - 1 - 100 J / cm².

• Actual size of the light spot - 15x15 mm.

• Ultra-short duration of a light pulse - 10 - 400 ms.

• Colossal service life - 10,000,000 flashes.

• Two-stage cooling system - air / water.

• Protection of the handpiece tip from mechanical damage - a monolithic sapphire crystal is installed.

• Lightweight working handpiece with a tip for epidermal cooling of the affected area - Peltier element, etc.

Equipment Safety

DL-6000 mini manufactured by Alvi Prague (Czech Republic) has passed the mandatory certification procedure according to the quality and safety standards of the European Union. The equipment has a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and is approved for laser hair removal in beauty salons and clinics.

General information about the mini diode laser and hair removal procedures

The light energy of the mini-diode laser does not cause pain, does not leave burns and does not harm human skin. Comfortable, safe and the most effective epilation of unwanted hair is provided by innovative technology, which has proven the rationality of its use on the example of the flagship DL-6000. The benefits of its implementation are obvious!

• Non-invasive procedures.

• Focused action of light energy.

• The universality of impact.

• Minimum recovery period.

• Long-lasting epilation result.

The average duration of 1 procedure does not exceed 45 minutes. Treatment of the client's problem areas is carried out after cleansing the affected area and applying a special gel for laser procedures. Local anesthesia is applied at the request of the client. After treatment with a diode laser, the affected area is treated with a soothing, anti-inflammatory agent.

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