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Miosti-1000 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment
  • Warranty: 18 mon.
  • Product No: 20218

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Miostimulation or Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is based on the influence of electrical impulses on the skin tissues, muscle tissues, fatty tissues. 

How does It Work?

Professional Miosti-1000 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine is designed to contract the muscles by stimulating them with electric current. These intense workouts are very similar in the way the workout is conducted but show very different results. For example, when added to 20-minute workout people achieve the same exact results as after 90-minute HIIT workout, the High-intensity interval training designed to quickly burn fat and sculpt the body. 

The EMS machine Miosti-1000 is equipped with the set of pads which are attached to the necessary body areas. Pulse waves penetrate through these pads into the nerve endings of muscles thus providing active muscle actions. As a result, lymph drainage is provided, metabolic process is improved, blood circulation is increased.

Benefits of the EMS machine MIOSTI-1000

  1. Allows the practitioner to find an individual approach to every client as there are possibilities of using different pace, intensity and specifically target the problematic areas.
  2. Pain relief. Can help relieve joint pain, muscle aches and pain caused by stress.
  3. Muscle stimulation. Used with patients with partial or full paralysis. EMS contracts muscles and prevents non-use atrophy.
  4. Sports training. Contractions caused by EMS leads to enhanced muscle strength and improved muscle recovery.
  5. Rehabilitation. EMS provides rehabilitation of muscles that have been injured due to trauma, surgery or disease.  

EMS therapy has the following indications

  • Lymph drainage massage
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle tone increasing
  • Muscle training
  • Reduction of skin puffiness
  • Breast lifting
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Neurostimulation

Accessories of the EMS Machine MIOSTI-1000 include:

  • 10 pairs of round pads for body
  • 2 circle pads for breast
  • 12 bandages of different length
  • 2 pairs of square pads for face with sticky surface

Key benefits of the Miosti-1000

  1. 5 modes
  2. It influences all muscle tissues.
  3. It does not influence locomotive system.
  4. Absence of injury risk.
  5. Restoration of blood supply, improving of metabolic process.
  6. Atrophied muscle treatment.
  7. Effective cellulite treatment.

The Miosti-1000 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine is used for body correction treatment and elimination of fat deposit. Quick weight loss is achieved due to the point muscle stimulation. It is possible to regulate the intensity level for every group of muscles.

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