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XD-1000 Microcurrent Premium System

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment

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Microcurrent therapy (microcurrents, MCT) is a holistic skin health and rejuvenation program.  

Features of the XD-1000 Microcurrent Premium System

Innovative development of Alvi Prague in the field of regenerative biotechnology for the face and body is the XD-1000 Microcurrent Premium System. It reanimates the functional activity of cells, stimulates the synthesis of the intercellular matrix and collagen, normalizes the pigmentation process, restores the lymph drainage system. For this purpose, the device is equipped with ergonomic handpieces with nozzles-electrodes, which act on the skin with safe currents of small force (40-750 μA) and low frequency (1-300 Hz).

The wide technical capabilities of the machine provide different set of electrical pulses in intensity, frequency, polarity (positive, negative, variable), waveforms, monopolar, bipolar. Thus, the operation becomes easy and safe.

The machine is equipped with an intelligent interface with programmed operation protocols. Just a few touches to the touch screen to activate the right settings for a necessary treatment, for instance:

  • Needle free mesotherapy
  • Face lifting
  • Ionization
  • The machine software allows you to use the professional mode of manual settings

Additional benefits

Having decided to buy XD-1000 Microcurrent Premium System, you get a multifunction device to effectively overcome a large number of aesthetic problems of face and body:

  1. dry and oily skin
  2. fine lines and wrinkles
  3. cellulite and local fatty deposits
  4. acne, comedones
  5. double chin and lower eyelid
  6. swelling and stretching
  7. skin aging
  8. disorders of blood circulation and lymph flow
  9. skin sagging
  10. pigment spots, etc

The XD-1000 Microcurrent Premium System is the best choice for rehabilitation after plastic surgeries and for the lymphatic drainage of face and body (abdomen, hips, chest, buttocks). An important benefit of the machine is the possibility of efficient express-lifting and non-invasive intake of mesococktails, serums, ionized sollutions.

Of the main technical and operational benefit of microcurrent machine is its low weight, mobility, resistance to overheating and voltage surges, low power consumption (20 W), a long life cycle.

Operaton principle

Microcurrent therapy is an electrotherapeutical method of treatment for aesthetic purpose. XD-1000 machine generates pulse currents of low amperage (ranged from 40 to 750 μA) and with variable frequency (0,1 – 300 Hz). By affecting the skin tissue, muscle tissue and lymphatic system with micro currents, a persistent lifting effect is created. Also, microcurrent therapy contributes to the restoration of atrophied muscle fibers, through the normalization of intracellular processes and the removal of muscle spasms (hypertonia, facial wrinkles). Exposure to electrical impulses of low strength and duration leads to fibrillation (i.e., rapid, chaotic contractions) of the smooth muscles of the arterioles and the superficial muscles of the skin, thereby contributing to the decomposition of fat deposits and the acceleration of metabolism.

Treatment description the microcurrent therapy

The effect of weak low-frequency currents has practically no restrictions on the season, age, state of health and type of skin. The exception is pregnant and lactating women, people with heart diseases and pacemakers. The treatment is painless, noninvasive and highly effective. Visible and stable results come after the first treatment session, the duration of which is usually 20-30 minutes. To obtain the optimal effect, a course of 10-15 treatments with a minimum interval of 1-3 days is recommended.

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