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Multifunctional beauty machine F-3

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment
  • Warranty: 18 mon.

850 EUR

Innovative multifunctional beauty machine F-3 is a must have unit for any beauty salon or beauty clinic. It successfully combines 3 functions aimed to cope with different aesthetic skin blemishes. It does help you to enhance your customers service

Multifunctional beauty machine F-3 combines three effective functions that are widely used in aesthetic skin care.


  • Ultrasonic scrubber
  • Needle-free mesotherapy
  • Microcurrent therapy

The operating principle of ultrasonic scrubber is based on ultrasonic exposure that produces special kind of vibration and heating. This vibration helps to remove keratinized cells, provides gentle skin massage. It is possible to use different solutions to facilitate the effect of treatment. When the treatment is done, you could see the result immediately. Skin looks moisturized and healthy.

   Needle-free mesotherapy or electroporation can be used for all skin types. This kind of aesthetic treatment is highly effective. Needle-free mesotherapy is non-invasive and absolutely painless. Insertion of special medical preparations and cocktails into the skin is run with the help of galvanic current. It improves skin tonicity, stimulate metabolic process and collagenation.

Microcurrent therapy is one of the most popular and effective kind of aesthetic treatment used in machine cosmetology. Most of all such kind of treatment is used for non-invasive face lifting, insertion of special medical preparations and cocktails into the skin. Biostimulation treatment is highly appreciated and widely used in aesthetics. It helps to get rid of different types of skin inflammations, such as cutaneous edema, facial rhytid, treatment of acne and pitted acne scars. Microcurrent therapy improves blood circulations, facilitates skin oxygenations, elimination of toxins, skin metabolism and lymph drainage.


The multifunctional beauty machine is an advanced system that provides safe and easy operation 3-in-1. It combines ultrasonic scrubber, non-invasive mesotherapy and microcurrent skin treatment.  Amazing treatment result are seen after the first treatment without down-time.

When you buy multifunctional beauty machine F-3 from Alvi Prague, you get innovative equipment for beauty salons. We offer you to order it on our website at affordable manufacturer price.


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