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F-06 Multifunctional Skin Care System

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment

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F-06 Multifunctional Skin Care System

F-06 Skin Care System is your beauty salon in one multifunctional machine! This exclusive model combines nine the most sought-after salon treatments:

  • electroporation;
  • vacuum diamond microdermabrasion;
  • ultrasonic peeling;
  • ultrasonic phonophoresis;
  • thermal therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • phototherapy;
  • noninvasive carboxy therapy;
  • vibromassage.

This professional skincare machine is an indispensable equipment to provide full-cycle services. The multifunctional platform is equipped with superior accessories set for diverse aesthetic treatments.

Benefits of the F-06 Multifunctional Skin Care System

Absolute unique combination of 9 treatment modalities:    

  • Electroporation – non-invasive mesotherapy for painless introduction of active substances into the deep skin layers.
  • Vacuum diamond microdermabrasion – delicate abrasion of the upper skin layer for elimination of aesthetic skin defects and rejuvenation.  
  • Ultrasonic peeling– atraumatic exfoliation, soft cleansing and stimulation of metabolic skin process.  
  • Ultrasonic phonophoresis– non-invasive mesotherapy and skin stimulation on the cellular level.  
  • Thermal therapy - painless heating to stimulate metabolic processes and skin treatment.
  • Cryotherapy - local cooling of the skin to activate local immunity, lipolysis and rejuvenation processes.
  • Phototherapy – LED light therapy to change the energy potential of skin cells and stimulate their natural functions.
  • Non-invasive carboxy therapy - non-injectable saturation of the skin with purified carbon dioxide to activate blood supply, improve trophism and oxygenation of tissues.
  • Vibro massage - irritation of skin receptors and nerve endings to accelerate the biological response of the skin to treatments.

F-06 Multifunctional Skin Care System– What Is It?

This is professional beauty machine complete with innovatory technologies of electric current, vacuum, ultrasound, heat, cold, mechanical vibrations and narrow band (non thermal) light energy.  When using their potential, it is possible to provide nine aesthetic treatments with different operation principle:

  • electroporation;
  • vacuum diamond microdermabrasion;
  • ultrasonic peeling;
  • ultrasonic phonophoresis;
  • thermal therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • phototherapy;
  • noninvasive carboxy therapy;
  • vibromassage.

The multifunctional cosmetic device is designed for professional use within the framework of holistic facial and body care as well as for mono procedures such as correction of aesthetic defects, skin treatment, rejuvenation, elimination of muscle spasms, etc.

Features of the machine  

The innovative multifunctional machine was developed in the best traditions of our brand. One look at it confirms that  there is a cosmetic device of the premium quality.

  • Esthetically attractive modern design
  • Superior accessories set
  • Holistic facial for long-term outcome for the skin
  • 6 functions to carry out 9 treatments

Machine options

The F-06 provides 6 functions.

  • Needle-free mesotherapy (electroporation)
  • Diamond microdermabrasion with vacuum suction        
  • Ultrasonic therapy for US-peeling and phonophoresis
  • Hot-cold therapy
  • Phototherapy with the use of non-thermal narrow band light energy
  • Carboxy therapy non-injectable with vibromassage option.


  • Electroporation - to increase the permeability of skin cell membranes and the formation of micropores, through which biologically active substances of cosmetics or medical products freely penetrate deep into the dermis, where they are deposited for a short time, exerting their positive effect.
  • Vacuum diamond microdermabrasion - mechanical peeling to remove dead cells of the epidermis, smooth the surface and skin complexity, correct minor aesthetic defects and stimulate renewal processes.
  • Ultrasonic peeling - for painless exfoliation and removal of pore contents such as sebum, debris, open comedones.
  • Ultrasonic phonophoresis - for complex stimulation of the skin by means of ultrasound waves and transdermal saturation of the skin with topical biologically active substances.
  • Heat therapy - physiotherapy to improve local blood supply, eliminate congestion, spasms, pain and stimulate regenerative processes.
  • Cryotherapy - activation of internal skin reserves to accelerate all metabolic processes and physicochemical reactions, including apoptosis of adipocytes.
  • Phototherapy - LED light therapy for skin diseases, activation of natural cellular renewal processes, skin restoration and elimination of a wide range of aesthetic issues.
  • Non-invasive carboxytherapy - local increase in CO2 concentration to accelerate blood circulation processes, eliminate congestion, normalize tissue trophism and increase the level of oxygenation.
  • Vibrating massage - to accelerate the biological response of the skin to the procedures and relieve spasms.

Multipurpose application of the F-06 machine gives the practitioner the power and reliability to perform countless profitable procedures with confidence.

Application field

  • Holistic skin care for face and body
  • Rejuvenation and prevention of premature aging.
  • Peels, cleansing, problem skin care.
  • Treatment of dermatological diseases (for medical reasons).
  • Correction (elimination) of aesthetic defects.
  • Facial contours correction.
  • Physiotherapy of various kinds of pathologies (according to medical indications).

Equipment Safety

The F-06 Multifunctional Skin Care System manufactured by Alvi Prague (Czech Republic) has passed the mandatory certification procedure according to the quality and safety standards of the European Union.

European manufacturer of beauty equipment

Alvi Prague (Prague, Czech Republic) is a developer and manufacturer of aesthetic equipment on the European market for more than 10 years. The most popular and demanded equipment for clinics, spas, beauty salons and beauty parlors is produced under the Alvi Prague trademark. The manufacturer has a certificate for the production and sale of medical and aesthetic equipment. We provide our customers with the widest range of high quality products.

Advanced technology

The high professionalism of Alvi Prague engineers has allowed the company to create more than a hundred unique equipment models. Most of the company's devices are based on the use of revolutionary technologies of its own design. The beauty industry is developing dynamically, therefore the specialists of TM Alvi Prague are constantly working both on the creation of innovative and on the improvement of already known youth technologies. Year after year, we continue to delight our clients with relevant, more effective and safer methods.


The central office of Alvi Prague, in addition to a large showroom, includes methodological rooms. Specially equipped and comfortable, they are designed for theoretical and practical training for clients. Qualified specialists and aestheticians-methodologists of the company help to master all methods, regardless of their complexity or basic knowledge of the client, and are happy to share their skills. Also, on the basis of the showroom, seminars and master classes devoted to the most popular techniques of the beauty industry are regularly held.

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