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Dol600pro Ventilator

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Dol600pro Ventilator 

Ventilator Introduction

Dol600pro ventilator is a pneumatic electric-controlled ventilator, which has a multi-function ventilator with various switching modes such as volume control and pressure control, time switching, flow switching, volume switching, pressure switching,etc..

Intended use

 This device provides continuous ventilation for patients with respiratory failure, respiratory insufficiency, and respiratory support.


This device is an electronically controlled, pneumatic intensive care ventilator for patients with respiratory failure, respiratory insufficiency and respiratory support. For continuous ventilation.

User of the ventilator:

• Full-time medical staff

• Personnel who have received training in this ventilator

This ventilator is suitable for patients who require assisted breathing: assisted/controlled, SIMV, CPAP, etc.

 Invasive positive pressure breathing (through tracheotomy or endotracheal intubation) or non-invasive positive pressure breathing (via mask).

This ventilator is designed for use in hospitals and medical institutions.

Benefits of the Dol600pro

The ventilator adopts multi-microprocessor control and is equipped with parameters and waveform monitoring.

The preset range of the tidal volume is 10-2000mL (low to 2mLof neonate option),

 the preset range of the frequency is 1-150bpm, and the flow adjustment range is 1-100L/ min.

 It can be applied to the adults and children (optional for neonate).  

It is build-in the battery which can be charged at any time, and the battery can maintain the operation of the ventilator for more than 2 hours under the condition that the battery is full charged.

Dol600pro​ Operation Modes

Dol600pro  Ventilator can provide VCV (volume control and assist ventilation), V-SIMV (Volume-synchronous intermittent ventilation), P-SIMV (pressure-synchronous intermittent ventilation), PCV (pressure control ventilation), PSV (pressure support ventilation), Bi-Level (double horizontal positive pressure ventilation), PRVC (pressure regulated volume control ventilation), SIMV-PRVC (volume control ventilation for synchronous intermittent pressure adjustment), MMV (enhanced Minute Mandatory Ventilation), and SIGH (sighing assist), etc., with PEEP support, optional with the neonate function with

 IPPV, SIPV, CPAP, VCV, and etc. The WDH-1 (A) ventilator provides tidal volume upper limit alarm/lower limit alarm, Frequency rate upper limit/lower limit alarm, PEEP upper limit alarm/lower limit alarm, MV upper limit/lower limit alarm, oxygen concentration upper limit alarm/lower limit alarm, Apnea alarm, AC power failure alarm, battery low alarm, oxygen gas source fault alarm and air source fault alarm, these alarms make the use of the ventilator more safe.

The ventilator is controlled by a microprocessor with parameters and waveform monitoring, volume mode, pressure mode, and other optional features.

Composition of ventilator

The ventilator is composed of main control unit and display screen. Options for this ventilator system include ventilator trolley, air compressor, robotic arm, patient circuit assembly, nebulizer module, assembly,SPO2 module, EtCO2, external NEO sensor module,

  1. Water trap
  2. Humidifier
  3. Main unit
  4. Robotic arm
  5. Humidifier temperature measuring probe
  6. Compressor
  7. L-connector
  8. Simulated lung
  9. Breathing circuit
  10. SPO2 module (optional)
  11. EtCO2 module (optional)

Note! The design and color of nozzles / equipment is subject to change without notice, but this does not affect their functionality.

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