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Quasar TL-700 Neo+ Picosecond Laser

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment

96 000 EUR

Quasar TL-700 Neo Picosecond Laser

Quasar TL-700 Neo + is a professional equipment for beauty salons and clinics. Its platform has combined innovative technologies, thanks to which the device creates ultra-short pulses with a duration of 300 picoseconds. The advanced equipment operates in a wide range of light wavelengths (532-1064 nm), demonstrating high efficiency and versatility.

Application fields of picosecond laser
The picosecond laser gives practitioners the power and reliability to perform countless profitable procedures with confidence. 

  • removal of tattoos;
  • removal of permanent makeup;
  • removal of age spots;
  • correction of scars, stretch marks, post-acne;
  • carbon peeling;
  • fractional skin rejuvenation;
  • correction of wrinkles.

The treatments are comfortable, without pain and damage. After all, the picosecond laser operates in an ultra-short pulse mode, which avoids the ablation effect and eliminates all discomfort during the treatment of problem areas.


Key Benefits

Quasar TL-700 Neo+ Picosecond Laser is innovative and multifunctional system used for skin rejuvenation treatments, tattoo and pigment lesion removal, and other aesthetic treatments.

While Compared To General Q-switch laser:

1. Treatment results faster

Picosecond laser machine with higher peak power better selective photothermolysis make tattoo and Pigment removal treatment process from 5-10 times reduced to 2-4 times , greatly reduce the treatment and recovery time , with fast and obvious effective.

2. More Comfortable and Less hurt

Compared to traditional passive q-switch laser or eletro q-switch laser, Picosecond Laser can remove all kinds of pigment and tattoo in less short pulse ,thus with less harmful to skin more comfortable and Safe.

By featuring the power of several laser machines, the Quasar TL-700 Neo+ offers practitioners:

Multifunctional platform for tattoo removal, reduction of scars and stretch marks, pigment spots, skin rejuvenation.

Absence of skin injury due to the applying technology of picosecond pulse duration and different wavelengths.

Dramatic results after recommended treatment plan. Visible results after the first treatment.

No downtime or recovery period - due to the absence of injuries, the skin does not need to be restored.

Complete treatment safety makes possible to conduct the tattoo removal procedure every few weeks.

Permanent results leaving skin flawlessly smooth.

Faster treatment times – which contributes to patient comfort and clinic efficiency.

Absolutely comfortable treatments.  Your clients will not feel any discomfort, just a little tingling of the treated area and warmth.

The ability to remove tattoos or pigmented lesions at any time of the year.

Efficiency and advanced opportunities

Quasar TL-700 Neo+ Picosecond Laser is the most durable solution available on the market that offers treating resistant shades. It combines several innovative features to help with the safe removal of tattoos on all skin types:

  • Ultra fast pulse duration – 300 ps 
  • Specially designed wavelengths - 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm, 1064 nm.
  • Enormous laser operating life – 20 000 000 pulses
  • Convenient adjustable spot size: 2-10 mm
  • Free 360° of rotation, ensure constant energy of laser power for extra operator's comfort and great work.
  • Two-stage laser cooling system - water / air.

With its five wavelengths, high-energy production, and a variety of beam improvements, the TL-700 Neo+ is a workhorse for aesthetic practitioners that demand high performance, reliability and results.



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