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T-03 professional Electrocautery Machine

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  • Country: Czech Republic
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  • Warranty: 18 mon.

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Electrocoagulation is one of the most popular and safe method to remove neoplasm that appear on the skin surface. Such way of treatment allows removing neoplasm and coagulating blood vessels at the same time. There are no scars on the skin surface after such kind of removal. Such aesthetic treatment is used to remove neoplasms or papilloma on sensitive areas of ciliary margin, canthus etc.

How it works

This method is based on the use of alternating electric current of high frequency. At the end of the device is a small loop under the action of the current is heated to the required temperature, which is adjustable on the power supply and adjusted by the doctor depending on the size and location of warts.

With the heated loop is "burning" the warts on the skin.

Electrocoagulation treatment description

 Before neoplasm removal it is necessary to consult a cosmetologist or dermatologist to clarify whether it is possible to use such kind of treatment. Usually neoplasm removal is done using local anesthesia that makes the treatment almost painless. After removal the small red spot appears on the skin surface. It will be healed in several days.

 Patient should visit cosmetologist after 7-10 days to make sure the neoplasm removal is successful.

When treatment is done, it is better to:

  •  Avoid the sunlight
  • Use sun block cream
  • Avoid visiting baths, sun tanning parlor
  • Remove wound crusting because it protects wound from infection


  • Poor blood clotting
  • Chronic skin disease and inflammation
  • Cancer
  • Herpes in the active phas

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