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UltraTron-220W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment
  • Warranty: 12 mon.

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UltraTron-220W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer

Alvi Prague Portable professional 4 tube UVC Desinfection Sterilizer UltraTron-220W is an up-to-date healthcare device. UV sterilization provides a sanitary workspace and is an incredibly powerful disinfectant in killing infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The use of UV sterilization, or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, has been found to be extremely effective. Sources of UV sterilization can kill over 99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in an extremely short amount of time.

 Superior quality

The lamp tube is made of high-purity quartz glass. It is not easy to be exposed to ultraviolet light and is more durable. The shell is made of ABS flame retardant material, which is not easy to leak, has good heat dissipation and has a service life of up to 9,000 hours.


  • Efficient ultraviolet germicidal light with the 254 nm wavelength; 185 nm for ozon generation
  • Superior quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move
  • Wide application

The UVC Desinfection Sterilizer UltraTron-220W of our production is intended for professional use. To simplify its operation the intelligent control system is used, with which you can:

  • timing control panel
  • turn on the equipment at a specified time;
  • in automatic mode, instantly interrupt processing when a person or animals appears in the room;
  • automatically turn off the light after disinfection is completed.
  • Bactericidal lamps of the sterilizer are designed for 9000 hours of daily work!  At the end of this period they must be disposed of and replaced.

The UVC Desinfection Sterilizer UltraTron-220W has successfully passed certification according to СЄ and ISO standards. Compliance with our recommendations for use guarantees high efficiency and safety of disinfection of premises.

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