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UltraTron-440W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment
  • Warranty: 12 mon.

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UltraTron-440W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer

UltraTron-440W is the actual equipment for every healthcare facilities. With its help, disinfect air and various surfaces indoors. Moreover, the processing efficiency reaches 99.9%!

Features of the UVC Desinfection Sterilizer

Open type mobile bactericidal uv sterilizer is intended for healthcare facilities, beauty salons and homes. The equipment of this model disinfects air and all types of surfaces during operation, on each lamp up to 170 μW / cm2 (20 W), which ensures a diameter of its effective zone of influence of up to 4 meters. Effective processing of the premises is provided by 8 bactericidal lamps creating UVC - short-wave ultraviolet radiation of the germicidal range.

The bactericidal lamps are made of uviol glass, a multicomponent chemical material capable of transmitting soft ultraviolet with a wavelength of 254 nm and filtering out ozone-forming radiation with a wavelength of 185 nm. Its use reliably protects the air of the processed rooms from ozone excess.

UVC Desinfection Sterilizer Efficiency

The UVC Desinfection Sterilizer creates UV light, which actively break down the DNA of micro organisms, which deprives the ability to reproduce or live.

The UVC lamp effectively destroys a wide range of pathogens:

  • bacteria
  • viruses;
  • fungi;
  • mold;
  • spores, etc.

• destruction of 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms;

• absolutely safe for humans, shoes and the environment;

• effective cleaning of the external and internal surface of the shoe;

• the ability to disinfect 2-3 pairs of shoes at once;

• automatic shutdown timer;

• long life of the bactericidal lamp;

• compact and nifty design.

When purchasing UltraTron-440W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer, you are taking care of your own health, the safety of your family, friends, colleagues and customers.

You can ask all your questions and buy the UltraTron-440W in one click on the company's website or just call us!


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