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UltraTron-660W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer

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  • Produced by: Alvi Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Type of equipment: Beauty equipment
  • Warranty: 12 mon.

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UltraTron-660W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer

Alvi Prague Professional Mobile UV High Power UltraTron-660W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer is a necessary device nowadays. Operating in a semiautomatic mode, the ultraviolet (UV) lights disinfects rooms and surfaces. With motion sensors, the system distinguishes humans from other visible objects to prevent damage to human health. The UltraTron-660W effectively destroys harmful microorganisms, causing the COVID-19 disease.

The UltraTron-660W  aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious and harmful microorganisms by destroying their DNA structure with UV lights. With a wavelength of 254 nanometers, it kills bacteria in public places, such as healthcare facilities, beauty salons, office spaces, etc.

The device has a high intensity of ultraviolet radiation during operation, on each lamp up to 170 μW / cm2 (20 W), which ensures a diameter of its effective exposure zone of up to 4 meters.

Includes 12 highly effective UVC germicidal lamps.

The operation of the device should be without personal contact with eyes or skin, for this, the developers of the company introduced the inclusion function with a delay in time. And even if a person accidentally enters the room, special sensors will detect any movement, and the processing cycle will immediately be suspended. Another function for safe use of the device is the presence of an automatic shutdown timer. You just have to set the necessary time for processing the room, and after the time the Sterilizer itself turns off.

Advantages of the UltraTron-660W

99.9% efficiency - With a higher amount of energy per photon, UV lights effectively disinfect rooms and surfaces.

Has a steered wheelbase that excludes the need to manually relocate the robot across multiple areas.

Delayed switching on - removes the possibility of radiation during switching on

Switches off the light when detecting motion to reduce possible impact on human health. -100% protection for humans or animals

Auto shutdown timer

UV lights are designed for a minimum life cycle of 9000 hours

When purchasing UltraTron-6600W UVC Desinfection Sterilizer, you are taking care of your own health, the safety of your family, friends, colleagues and customers.

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